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The "Tizzone" of Giustagnana

Particular salami matured under ash and renamed many "BLACK SALAMI" to what it looks like appearance. It produces Giustagnana for several centuries and our company owns the brand.
This is a sausage made from pork reared noble parts according to the principle of "natural" , that is, without forcing growth. The period of maturing under ash varies depending on the size, from 300/800 gr up to pieces of more than 3 kg. It is soft to the touch, rich in taste, but not salty ......... only short!

Arista al Vermentino

These slices of pork loin seal infused in white wine with spices (garlic, rosemary, bay leaves) for about a week. Asciuagata natural and seasoned in the woods where the meeting of moist sea air determines its excellent organoleptic characteristics .. It 's also suitable as a carpaccio.

Prosciutto d'Ognic˛ (Selection of cured ham in herbs)

These small pieces of leg or shoulder massaged particularly by the movement of the pig. To look at, you have very red, like the high curing hams, actually 'seasoned only two months. They are wrapped in a "shirt" made of grass and mature naturally. The grasses favor the appearance of noble rot, which give it special flavor. Ham weight 400/600 grams.

All our products are suitable for celiac and lactose intolerant.